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Stephen Terni is on a mission to help DPR change the industry through our approach to quality and innovation. With degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics, he works with teams and customers to align expectations and achieve mutual success for DPR, our customers and our partners.

Having joined DPR in 2000, Stephen has worked on several large-scale projects across the United States, including Palomar Medical Center, Scripps Florida and Genentech Oceanside Product Operations. He now focuses on improving industry quality standards and enhancing DPR’s best practices so we can better serve our customers. Stephen also serves as chair of the board of the Global Design Alliance.


  • Role: Quality
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Integrity
  • What You Love About Construction: I love building collaborative teams that can tackle highly technical and complex projects.
  • First Job: I first learned about customer service as a cashier at a grocery store in high school. I have been fortunate to have been at DPR for my entire career.
  • Desired Superpower: Mind-reading
  • Your Hero: My father
  • Word to the Wise (advice): Our #1 job is to love and accept everyone for who they are. Gaining the perspective of others builds empathy, acceptance, and helps us make better decisions in our lives.

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