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Mike Humphrey began his career in 1992 as an intern on DPR’s first ground-up project. Mike’s experience includes intensive, hands-on construction management of complex, fast-track, large-scale projects. His expertise includes managing design-build efforts and projects where MEP design-build was a critical performance component. Mike has led highly successful projects with his unique ability to build cohesive teams and bring out the best in those who work with him. A member of DPR's Leadership Team, Mike is concentrating on talent management and taking HR, training and recruiting to the next level.

I love that when someone says 'It can’t be done,' DPR people say, 'Really, let us show you!'

Mike Humphrey


  • Role: Leadership Team Member
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Enjoyment: I think this one can be easily misunderstood to be all about parties and after-work events (and don’t get me wrong, I love the parties and after-work events) but I truly find work to be fun and intrinsically satisfying. I’m inspired by our people.
  • Favorite Thing About Construction: I’ve been working with my hands since I was 12 years old. I have loved getting to the end of a hard-working day, looking back and thinking, “Look what we just accomplished.” We are builders - builders of things, builders of people, builders of dreams.
  • Your Hero: Mr. Incredible. I actually think he’s the least ‘"super" of his family…but that’s why I love him. He plays his role and helps the rest of his super family honor and enact their own super powers.
  • Word to the Wise (advice): Show up, listen carefully, speak your truth, and let go of the consequences.

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