I love that when someone says 'It can’t be done,' DPR people say, 'Really, let us show you!'

Mike Humphrey began his career in 1992 as an intern on DPR’s first ground-up project. Mike’s experience includes intensive, hands-on construction management of complex, fast-track, large-scale projects. His expertise includes managing design-build efforts and projects where MEP design-build was a critical performance component. Mike has led highly successful projects with his unique ability to build cohesive teams and bring out the best in those who work with him. A member of DPR's Management Committee, Mike is concentrating on talent management and taking HR, training and recruiting to the next level. 

  • Management Committee Member focused on Talent Management
  • Enjoyment: I think this one can be easily misunderstood to be all about parties and after-work events (and don’t get me wrong, I love the parties and after-work events) but I truly find work to be fun and intrinsically satisfying. I’m inspired by our people.
  • I’ve been working with my hands since I was 12 years old. I have loved getting to the end of a hard-working day, looking back and thinking, “Look what we just accomplished.” We are builders - builders of things, builders of people, builders of dreams.
  • Mr. Incredible. I actually think he’s the least ‘"super" of his family…but that’s why I love him. He plays his role and helps the rest of his super family honor and enact their own super powers.
  • Show up, listen carefully, speak your truth, and let go of the consequences.

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