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Mike Ford grew up in a construction family and has come a long way from his first job of pulling nails out of forms for 50 cents per hour when he was 12 years old. A New Jersey native, Mike started his adult career as a project engineer, building technical projects in the eastern United States before heading westward. Since joining DPR in 1993, Mike has taken on several different roles and levels of responsibility, including successfully leading Arizona operations for more than a decade, establishing and leading the company’s National Operations Group and Healthcare Think Tank, and becoming a member of the management committee and moving east to further develop and grow DPR’s presence on the East Coast. Mike sharpened his focus on winning work for DPR and transitioned off the management committee in 2018 and is now focused on strategic company initiatives.


  • Role: Strategic Leadership
  • Favorite DPR Core Value: Integrity - character matters.
  • Favorite Thing About Construction: The smell of freshly poured concrete; grinded metal; a well oiled team and, of course, a happy customer.
  • Your Hero: Tom Ford, my father
  • Word to the Wise (advice): A little humor can go a long way to help solve problems.

Taking Care of Customers

Always concerned with taking care of customers, Mike prides himself on building strong relationships and making it easier for customers to buy.

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