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Translational Genomics Research Institute/International Genomics Consortium

Translational Genomics Research Institute/International Genomics Consortium | Phoenix, Arizona

The International Genomics Consortium/Translational Genomics Research Institute (IGC/TGen) Headquarters was a design-build project awarded to DPR and SmithGroupJJR by the City of Phoenix. Completed in 2004, the IGC/TGen Headquarters became a bioscience research center of international stature. The 13-acre block world-class urban bioscience campus is in the heart of downtown Phoenix.

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At completion the 170,000-sq.-ft. six-story, state-of-the-art bioscience research facility provided administrative and research laboratory spaces for the two user organizations plus two future tenants. The IGC/TGen organizations plan and conduct cutting-edge biomedical research that furthers recent achievements in mapping the human genome in order to target treatment and develop cures for cancer, diabetes and other diseases. TGen is dedicated to bringing the breakthroughs in genomics research to the bedside and benefit of patients. TGen seeks to provide a foundation for collaboration among top researchers throughout the world who are dedicated to the next revolution of healthcare.

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