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WND Ventures is focused on making the AEC industry a nexus for the incubation of great ideas that deliver meaningful value to our customers.

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Investment Focus
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Focus on Innovation that Transforms

The venture capital arm of DPR Construction, WND Ventures is changing the way the AEC industry builds through strategic investments in productivity, quality, safety, supply chain and sustainability.

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Solutions for


Enhancing the output to input ratio for construction

Solutions for


Enhancing a builder's ability to deliver predictable results without rework

Solutions for


Creating safer construction workspaces

Solutions for

Supply Chain

Enhancing visibility, reliability and procurement of construction materials and components

Solutions for


Reducing waste and carbon within building materials, operations and construction practices


Strategic Investments

  • Dusty Robotics' automated layout robot bridges the gap between BIM and the field, ensuring that designs become reality with less risk and rework.

  • Commercial drone maps and models processed in the cloud for construction, mining, energy and more.

  • Rhumbix modernizes construction field operations, helping builders go paperless in the field and improving how they measure and manage labor productivity.

  • As the world's first Artificial Intelligence parametric construction planner, ALICE allows you to generate & explore millions of buildable construction schedules at the push of a button, and helps quickly guide you to the best schedules for your needs.

  • StructionSite allows project teams to communicate in the context of the jobsite anytime, from anywhere. By using 360 cameras to rapidly digitize a site, then layering in live chat functionality, project teams are able to collaborate instantly in the context of the jobsite using their mobile device or browser.

  • Hyperframe is a prefabricated steel framing system that snaps together at the job site. A mixed reality application shows the installer where each piece fits. With no measuring, marking, cutting, or screwing, Hyperframe is up to 15x faster than traditional framing.



  • Using digital fabrication, Digital Building Components transforms computer models directly into precise-to-spec building assemblies including interior and exterior building panels as well as load-bearing CFS structures.

  • Modernizing the typical building handoff from a dusty collection of binders to a digital system, VueOps helps owners access building information using searchable keywords. The 3D model viewer and data in VueOps is also searchable by floor, room or other equipment attributes. This software significantly streamlines the Facility Management process during the life of the building.

  • SurePods™ prefabricated bathrooms are sized, designed and accessorized to meet the owner's precise requirements, then built under controlled factory conditions. Consolidating the talents of eight separate trades, the finished product comes ready to hook up and inspect.

Fund Investments

Building Ventures Fund I and Fund II

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Built Robotics
Dandelion Energy
Elephant Energy
Join Digital
Exits &



Indoor Reality, now part of Hilti

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News & Media

Kaushal Diwan talks about the boom in the AEC space and connecting solutions to existing challenges like how robotics are enhancing human workforces allowing for new and exciting job opportunities at a time when skilled tradespeople are scarce.

Atul Khanzode and Kaushal Diwan participate on a panel discussion about making investments in construction technology startups in in a world where an influx in funding has created a wave of solutions aimed at improving productivity and efficiency in an industry traditionally resistant to change..

Eric Lamb takes the stage at the Autodesk Forge DevCon in Las Vegas to share lessons learned during a digital transformation journey and how to test, invest and scale digital solutions aimed at not only improving productivity during project delivery but also optimizing building performance throughout its lifecycle for customers.

Come See Us at BuiltWorlds

2023 Venture West Conference

Eric Lamb and Kaushal Diwan will participate on panel discussions as part of the speaker lineup March 20-22. 2023 in San Francisco, CA.

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Meet Our Team

Our Team

Management Team

Atul Khanzode

Atul has worked in the construction industry for over 20 years with early field experience followed by development of DPR Construction’s first virtual building group over 10 years ago. Atul’s collaboration with academia and global research groups strive to move the industry forward in the use of technologies that improve the project delivery process. Atul completed his Master’s engineering program at Duke University and his PhD from Stanford University in Construction Engineering and Management.

Eric Lamb

Eric’s career has spanned more than 35 years in the construction industry as a technical building contractor. He joined founders of DPR Construction in 1990 and was a part of a team that grew the company to what it is today. Eric is currently an executive officer and member of the Board of Directors. Eric received his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Virginia and completed a Master of Science degree from Stanford University.

Kaushal Diwan

As portfolio manager and sponsor for DPR’s Innovation Group, Kaushal manages the strategic investments and partnerships for WND Ventures. With more than 16 years in the industry, previously as the innovation leader at DPR Construction, Kaushal has spent much of his career helping identify opportunities for improvement in the AEC industry and converting concepts into measurable results for projects and customers. 

Kaushal completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Management (with technology focus) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He also received his certification in Program Management and Government Contracting through the United States Air Force as a Commissioned Officer.

Advisory Board

Angela Floyd

Angela Floyd serves as CFO for DPR Construction. Focused on people, processes and tools, Angela partners with teams to help them achieve their goals and become better builders with more predictable outcomes through providing financial and business improvement expertise. Angela is a seasoned strategist with experience in providing oversight of financial services, financial reporting and analysis, tax, treasury and internal audit functions.

Derek Glanvill

With more than 30 years of operational and leadership experience, Derek has a background in investment management and served as the COO of McCarthy Building Companies. He currently serves as a director and board member for both Black & Veatch and DPR Construction, and is a senior advisor for Oaktree Capital Management.

Matt Hoglund

Matt Hoglund serves as the Central Regional Leader for DPR Construction as well as supporting DPR's national self-perform teams. Matt’s strengths include strong problem solving skills, adaptability, integrity and a deep understanding of all phases of construction from budget inception to final occupancy. His career has included residential, retail, office and hospitality projects.

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