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Empowered by Innovation

By leveraging our expertise as a builder and staying at the forefront of tech, we are addressing problems, updating workflows and improving productivity significantly to fix our customer’s pain points and deliver more predictable outcomes.

Eric Lamb

Empowered by Innovation is a collection of stories exploring the evolution of the construction industry.

At the heart of every story are the people—the self-perform crews, skilled tradespeople, partners and customers—who are driving the shift toward more collaborative and efficient projects.

In construction, innovation is often associated with the digitization of information, or maybe the devices and technology used in the field. At its core, innovation is about shifting the mindset of how projects are typically planned and delivered. It is about the people and processes more than the tool itself.

Questions like: What isn't working? How can I make this better? How did we get here? These are the questions that help us make sure the innovations we make advance standards.

At DPR, we believe that collaboration leads to the best ideas. As a partner, we strive to be part of an open innovation ecosystem, working with players across the supply chain, industry investors and technology entrepreneurs. When we work together, we each play an important role in connecting the dots across all phases of the construction process. Armed with a specialized innovation-focused team, a robust R&D process and its venture arm WND Ventures, we bring a creative mindset backed with strong resources and processes to help bring ideas to life.

No matter the form the innovation takes, for those customers and teams willing to try new things, innovation has the potential to increase predictable outcomes in cost, quality, schedule, safety and productivity for every project.

Jack Poindexter
I like to think that people drive innovations. As I look 10 years ahead, the mindset of people will create the next big idea that DPR will go after, and we will have solidified the right framework to allow individuals to think freely.

Kaushal Diwan

It seems like for most people innovation has become synonymous with apps and devices, but we believe it’s more about changing how we work.

Tim Gaylord

Creating space where it’s safe to learn, ask questions and experiment without the pressure of performance naturally creates engagement and trust between our innovation team, field leaders and craft.

Jack Poindexter

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Learn about how through WND Ventures we are focused on changing the way the AEC industry builds with strategic investments in productivity, quality, safety, supply chain and sustainability.

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