Philanthropy Pillar

Group at the HANDY initiative

“Through building modifications and staff trainings, DPR has allowed HANDY to be more effective in serving our community. The team building activities have allowed staff to better bond and learn how to lean on each other. The building modifications have allowed HANDY to serve more youth and families on a weekly basis.”

HANDY, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Building a Better Community

DPR’s philanthropic vision, ‘Building possibilities for the under-resourced’, works toward a distinct set of social goals that advance in collaboration with our other pillars of Global Social Responsibility. Our vision is implemented through financial donations and volunteer initiatives that harness the strength of our professional skills to help our nonprofit partners move forward in their missions.

Being integral and indispensable to our communities is embedded in our culture. Doing it right takes time, intention, and commitment. To help tell the story, we publish an annual “By the Numbers” of key metrics achieved by our volunteer teams. These numbers are only the tip of the iceberg in telling the story of the distinctive impact DPR volunteers have had on the communities where we live and work. Read on for stories of individual efforts.

From building safe, flexible spaces for nonprofits and inspiring youth to add “builder” to their list of career options, to supporting the operational excellence of our partners, DPR’s Community Initiatives teams continue to build possibilities for people in their communities.

DPR’s Community Initiatives are powered by an all-volunteer team of national and local leaders, partner champions, and volunteers.

Diane Shelton headshot

“… our social responsibility efforts go far beyond DPR. Benchmarking and strategy tools like the JUST label and UN SDGs show how we align with other companies doing similar work. They motivate us to be more strategic and to raise the bar with our commitments, helping create positive change.”

Diane Shelton

Building Possibilities Through Three Pillars of Skills-Based Volunteering

Pillar 1: Facility Construction and Renovation

Through pro-bono construction and renovation services, DPR provides community partners with increased capacity and flexibility, greater pride of place for participants and improved safety and access.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County team

The sole clubhouse of the Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County had been critically impacted by water intrusion and compounding maintenance issues for several years. Between donated time from DPR’s Self-Perform Work team, project managers, superintendents, and valued partners, repairs were completed, and hundreds of families have access to the club.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas

In 2023, DPR volunteers put the finishing touches on the renovation of the long-closed pool and locker rooms at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas’ Oak Cliff clubhouse. Kids and their families in the neighborhood now have access to a community pool for the first time in many years. DPR has partnered with the Oak Cliff clubhouse for more than eight years, and has completed more than $400,000 in pro-bono renovations and other volunteer initiatives.

DPR team repairs HANDY facilities

Long-time community partner HANDY experienced a devastating flood event at their facility and was forced to close their doors to their youth clients until repairs could be made. DPR volunteers tapped into their network of trade partners and expedited repairs and repainted the entire facility. DPR's ability to act quickly enabled HANDY to re-open within two months.

DPR volunteer teams build about $2 million in renovations for our nonprofit partners every year. These are a few of the organizations we worked with in 2023.

Pillar 2: Career and Education Guidance for Youth

Every year DPR engages with 10k+ youth to show them what a career in construction can look like, help them expand their expectations for their futures, and increase confidence in their potential.

Participant of construction camp

Schools (and Camps) of Construction

All-day construction activities are immersive experiences for youth who may not otherwise have an opportunity to learn about the many skills needed to bring a construction project to life. In 2023, activities at camps across DPR’s U.S. footprint ranged from constructing picnic benches and planters, learning to use a backhoe, and using drones to record site logistics.

People assembling a tower in a classroom

Youth Education Modules

DPR's education modules are designed to introduce youth in grades 3-12 to the many career options and education pathways in construction. The activities, created by professional educators, focus on teamwork and strategic thinking in challenging and fun ways. Thousands of students participate annually, and many are inspired to apply for DPR’s Build Up High School Internship.

Children measuring a piece of wood in a classroom for Construction Inclusion Week

Construction Inclusion Week

What happens when you introduce 1,000+ 3rd graders at Title 1 schools to career opportunities in construction in a single week? Our goal is that the high school graduating class of 2032 will be full of builders, tradespeople, planners and designers ready to excel in their careers and build bright futures. In small group settings, students learned about jobs, and education needed, in the field, in the office, in the trailer. To learn more about this initiative, visit the Construction Inclusion Week website.

DPR’s signature education initiative is the Build Up High School Internship in construction management. High-achieving, STEM-curious interns from under-resourced backgrounds spend the summer working full-time on large projects, learning about the various professional roles and education pathways in our industry. Build Up provides high school students who typically don’t have access to well-paid internships the opportunity to explore career pathways and develop confidence in a professional setting.

By the Numbers
  • 26 Build Up High School Interns in 2023
  • 24% of graduating high school seniors were invited to return as college interns
  • 70% plan to be first gen college students
  • 47% identify as women

Pillar 3: Operational Support for Our Nonprofit Partners

DPR’s business leaders work with our nonprofit partners to help strengthen their operational capacity through board service, strategic planning, professional skills development and more. These services help partners operate more strategically and efficiently, increase operational capacity, and provide confidence that DPR is committed to their missions.

“DPR's involvement through Board service brings a fresh perspective to the organization. The knowledge and insight the Board member brings has helped the organization grow and look at changes to its programming.” Youth Assistance Coalition, San Diego, CA

“DPR has been great in helping us grow our youth programs geographically as well as our Women in Construction Conference and inclusion programming. The power of introductions has been extremely helpful.” Construction Industry Education Foundation

“Our board member from DPR has been successful in setting up a Tucson Chapter and allowing us to duplicate our program model. We expect to double the number of youths served next year. Having strong board members involved allows us to grow and thrive, and serve more kids who are in desperate need of our youth programs.” Future for KIDS, Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

Group of people in safety vests conversing on a project site

The DPR Foundation


Established by the founders of DPR Construction in 2008 and funded exclusively by the company, the DPR Foundation invests in organizations working directly with communities to build possibilities for under-resourced youth. The unrestricted funding is distributed annually, and the Foundation measures progress on its goals through active listening and collaboration with partners.

Over the last 15 years, the 501(c)(3) has distributed more than $14 million in funding to nonprofit partners selected and sponsored by DPR employees. Visit to learn more about the DPR Foundation.

Peter Nosler sitting inside a race car.

Peter Nosler, the “P” in DPR, was a driving force behind the DPR Foundation’s strategic approach to using philanthropy to create real, lasting social change. His audacious vision and leadership continues to guide the Foundation board to continuously listen and learn from community leaders, and to invest in local efforts to drive equity and build possibilities.

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