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Supply Chain Partnership

Together—creating more predictable outcomes for projects

DPR is committed to reducing supply chain disruptions that put project schedules, budgets and quality at risk.

Our suppliers are partners in procurement, helping our projects be nimble and predictable. We are always looking for suppliers who are willing to act as a partner to get the project done. We are built on a collaborative environment, and our core values serve as guiding principles in our interactions with our trusted partners.

If you are interested in learning about becoming a DPR supplier, please reach out to Tim Jed.

Our Approach:

Supplier Relationships. We seek out suppliers who will be long-term partners. Our mutually beneficial relationships promote diversity, quality, efficiency and innovation.

Material Quality. Our qualified suppliers are just as invested in quality as we are. With a focus on communication and continuous improvement, we make sure project teams have exactly what they need.

Strategic Sourcing. We are always looking for partners who can help us understand the best sources for materials and equipment to reduce potential delays in availability and shipping.

Planning and Procurement. We plan ahead and prefer to aggregate quantities. We are looking for partners who can assist in planning and fulfillment and reduce the complexity and fragmentation of purchases.

Logistics and Warehousing. Materials need to be where they are needed when they are needed. We appreciate the partnership of companies that can give us predictability with packaging, transportation, import/export and forward stocking.

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