FormFactor Manufacturing interior pipes

FormFactor Wafer Probe Card Manufacturing Facility

FormFactor Wafer Probe Card Manufacturing Facility | Livermore, California

DPR successfully transformed a cold shell warehouse into a one-of-a-kind wafer probe-card-manufacturing facility in 10 short months for FormFactor, Inc. As a leader in the design, development, manufacture, sale and support of high-performance advanced semiconductor wafer probe cards, FormFactor looked to DPR to handle the first renovation on the company's new Livermore, California, campus. The project featured 24,000-sq.-ft. of manufacturing space, including Class 100 and Class 1,000 production suites, as well as 14,000-sq.-ft. of tenant improvements.


Project Scope

As part of the renovation, the team performed structural upgrades to the building's roof to support six new make-up air units. They removed half of the building's slab and depressed it two feet to accommodate the cleanroom access flooring. The team also installed 112 High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) plenums and 60 recirculation units. Alongside the building, DPR built a back service pad for the central utility plan, which includes chilled water, condenser water, a boiler and an emergency generator.

Despite the highly complex nature of the project, DPR delivered Phase 1 a day ahead of schedule with zero defects, and the project was turned over to the owner with no outstanding change orders.

Form Factor Yellow Transparent Wall
Form Factor Yellow Transparent Wall
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