parking lot building exterior

University of South Florida Parking Facility II

University of South Florida Parking Facility II | Tampa, Florida

Centrally located on the University of South Florida Tampa Campus, the 1,218-space precast parking garage serves both students and staff alike. The parking facility includes 1,200 sq. ft. of storage and has electrical rooms on the ground floor with an elevated walkway around half of the garage. The facility is an “open” parking structure per the Florida Building Code.




The parking facility is four bays wide and four levels (ground plus three supported levels) with flat floors for parking on the perimeter. The internal ramping system is a single helix. There are two inner bays sloping in the same direction. The ramping system allows for 10 percent of the cars to exit in 10 minutes during peak hours. Two-way drive isles are incorporated in all four bays to maximize the efficiency of the parking facility, and hence provide the most number of spaces. The two-way drive isles also allow the users to find and access open parking spaces more efficiently than one-way drive isles. A pedestrian friendly walkway at the perimeter of the facility connects the users wishing to cross the facility from NW to SE.

The structural system is a precast concrete system with columns spaced at 36-ft. intervals. Lateral stability is maintained through exterior shear walls in the N-S direction and lightwalls in the E-W direction. The stairways and elevator towers are precast concrete separated from the parking structure by expansion joints.