DPR is building out 83,000 sq. ft. of office space in Tompkins Hall, an adaptive-reuse development underway in Charlotte, NC. The renovation of Tompkins Hall, a turn-of-the-century textile mill dating back to 1891, will include restaurant, retail and office space when complete. The exterior of the space is concurrently being renovated and the project is seeking historic landmark status. DPR is working collaboratively with the general contractor for the exterior renovation as well as the National Parks Service, who is reviewing the design to ensure it is compatible with the building’s historic significance.

The agile workspace is a first for the client, and the design deviates from their traditional office standards. The space will primarily include open workstations with collaboration areas to promote enhanced problem solving and foster creativity for the development of new customer programs and solutions.

The project team is implementing a number of schedule savings techniques in order to meet the project’s aggressive timeline. DPR is also reviewing individual construction activities and re-sequencing work in alignment with DPR’s safety values and our client’s “safety first” culture.

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