Suncoast Chemicals Distribution and Manufacturing Facility

Suncoast Chemicals Distribution and Manufacturing Facility | Clearwater, Florida

The Suncoast Chemicals Distribution and Manufacturing Facility project included a corporate headquarter, manufacturing, and distribution facility. A 105,000-sq.-ft. advanced manufacturing and distribution facility which was developed on 20 acres of land, includes proprietary manufacturing equipment and processes, advanced dust control and water treatment systems, in addition to office/administration space, industrial/manufacturing space, and warehouse/storage space.

A Highly Corrosive


The Tampa-area team finished installation of a chilled-water mechanical system, over a mile of piping above and below the ground, and a wet and dry dust collection and scrubbing system, which is ducted with FRP duct work.

The project began in the end of July, which brought 23 straight days of rain while we tried to install the underground piping. It lead to countless hours spent with the owners, plant maintenance, general contractor, vendors and select members of Energy Air to coordinate the FRP, wet/dry scrubbers & dust collection systems. The nature of the business operations at this facility called for special-ordered, hot-dipped galvanized hangers and stands, powder-coated stands, and rings to stainless steel fasteners. Most of the equipment inside and on the roof had to be specially coated due to the highly corrosive atmosphere.

The equipment installed includes: two 155-ton air-cooled chillers, pumps, 10 BCU’s, three mini-splits, three large duct-mounted chilled-water coils, 12 25,000 cfm roof-mounted exhaust fans, three 25,000 cfm smoke purge fans, 10 6,000 cfm wall-mounted exhaust fans, and two 30,000 cfm supply fans to add fresh air and conditioned air to the building.

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