Shire Quality Control Lab Renovation

Shire Quality Control Lab Renovation | Los Angeles, CA

DPR relocated the quality control laboratories from Building 1 to the top floor of Building 6 in preparation for DPR’s upcoming Building 1 demolition job. The new 15,600-sq.-ft. space accommodates laboratories as well as office space, reserved for analyst write-up stations. DPR installed a new high purity gas and water system for analysts' use when testing pharmaceutical products. During construction, a new HVAC system was installed on the roof to supply only the 5th floor in order to accommodate the increased air exchanges and high exhaust volume from the new fume hoods.



Internal quality control is key to achieving Shire’s mission. Enter the construction of a “next generation Quality Control Lab” to address the ever-increasing, global demand for their therapies and to meet the goal of better, faster, and more economical delivery to patients worldwide.

This 16,000-sq.-ft. laboratory is the 2018 FOYA category winner for Operational Excellence.

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