SAS Building G Renovation

SAS Building G Renovation | Cary, North Carolina

The SAS Building G Renovation consisted of selective deconstruction of outdated finishes throughout the exercise facility, lobby, and reception area. The deconstructed facilities were updated with athletic friendly finishes and equipment, and added in the lobby space was a mini honor cafe with refrigerated units. In addition to the interior renovation, DPR was also responsible for the replacement of air handling units in the above ceiling space, a rooftop unit, and associated condensing units on a rooftop steel support.


Project Scope

The locker rooms were not part of the project and had to remain in occupancy by SAS employees throughout the construction phase. The workspaces were barricaded and sectioned off in the beginning and only used for construction during a planned two-week shutdown for the air handling unit replacement. The project as a whole was successful in meeting the interim and end of project milestones for SAS OFCI and OFOI coordination.

DPR's collaborative value management plan provided nearly a dozen pricing exercises and four budget options to the SAS project team; resulting in relinquishing the contractor contingency to SAS for scope enhancements at all stages of the project with zero schedule impacts.