Already under construction, the new office building will be the largest on RTI’s campus, standing six stories tall with 190,000 square feet of space. Taking advantage of its central location, the building will serve as a collaborative space, including numerous areas for meetings as well as a coffee bar and a 300-person cafeteria. A four-story parking deck is also being built with 650 spaces.

The first floor will feature an impact display showcasing RTI’s work around the world to fulfill its mission to improve the human condition. This space will have provide visitors with an interactive experience, welcoming visitors to RTI.

In an effort to provide quality through innovation, the DPR project team coordinated with RTI's staff members by bringing in an Occulus Rift to view mechanical spaces. Using augmented reality prior to final design allowed RTI's staff members to determine the best access points for maintenance of mechanical equipment. Another innovative process was working with all aspects of plumbing design with the architect and plumbing trade partner to provide prefabricated plumbing to the building. The plumbing trade partner was able to coordinate early, design and prefabricate the underground and bathroom plumbing piping; resulting in a cleaner installation, precise tie into existing piping and eliminating the need for rework.


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