This three-story, 137,000-sq.-ft. design/build research building includes office and lab space, a cafeteria and courtyard. It also includes new connectors between the office building and warehouse.

The project was completed under budget and on schedule in January 2008. In order to meet Roche's schedule requirements, the steel had to be ordered prior to project award to make the mill manufacturing dates. To accommodate this, DPR released the steel early and coordinated with the steel vendors during the buy out to limit the owner's exposure. Each manufacturer submitted cost break-outs for the steel and for cancellation, allowing Roche to assess prior to award the possible exposure they faced. Additionally, DPR self-performed over $5 million in concrete, drywall, doors/frames/hardware and rough carpentry.

The building was originally designed to meet LEED®-NC Certified rating. DPR Construction, Inc. acted as the LEED project team administrator at no additional cost to the owner. Using the DPR Project Status Report card, DPR submitted the final project and led the charge to obtain LEED-NC Silver Certification. DPR's LEED accredited project staff held regular meetings with the architect, engineer, and owner to facilitate the completion of all LEED online templates and supporting documents.

Green Features

LEED-NC Silver certification

Green features include:

  • 75 percent of jobsite waste recycled
  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) finishes
  • Bioswales to treat storm-water runoff
  • Reduced potable water usage
  • Exterior lighting with cutoff fixtures
  • Light pollution reduction via exterior fixtures minimizing the amount of light that goes past Roche's property line

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