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TouchPoint Healthcare Global Headquarters and Manufacturing Center

TouchPoint Healthcare Global Headquarters and Manufacturing Center | Odessa, Florida

Transparency and collaboration were the cornerstones of a partnership between DPR and an owner and developer team that drove the successful delivery of a new global headquarters and manufacturing center facility in Odessa, Florida. DPR delivered the project within budget and a full 29 days ahead of schedule, in the fall of 2019.


  • Client TouchPoint Medical
  • Design Team Fisher and Associates, LLC


TouchPoint Healthcare manufactures a variety of medical devices at the new facility, including medical carts and automated medication management and dispensing units that can be found in hospitals around the globe. The 147,000-sq.-ft. tilt-wall structure consists of 35,000-sq. ft. of office space and 112,000-sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehouse space, including a powder application booth with ovens, washers and robotic powder spray guns for a completely automated process.

Working closely with the owner, TouchPoint Healthcare, and developer, BRS Industries, LLC, DPR helped to scout and review sites for the new headquarters and manufacturing center, and then guided each step of the design and construction process. In-house MEP preconstruction experts facilitated discussions on the project scope of work while also helping the client understand their programming needs.



The project team’s first major hurdle was to help the owner determine the best location for their project while also helping them better understand their programmatic needs for a new facility. Navigating a fast-track schedule, DPR helped the client obtain a certificate of occupancy and helped manage owner vendor equipment to ensure day one start-up goals were achieved.

Photo: Navigating a fast-track schedule, DPR helped the client obtain a certificate of occupancy and helped manage owner vendor equipment to ensure day one start up goals were achieved.



DPR and the entire design and construction team brought a spirit of collaboration and transparency to every facet of the project. “It was just an awesome collaboration with the owner and the owner’s representative,” said DPR project superintendent Craig McClain. “We worked hard to be completely transparent with them on the impact of every decision.”

TouchPoint Medical operations manager and owner’s representative Jessi Cravens pointed out that when a Touchpoint-directed subcontractor that was responsible for supplying and installing critical equipment in the new facility was delayed, DPR helped them understand the potential impact and came up with solutions. “While it was not a challenge created by DPR, they were definitely a partner in helping us to understand it and ultimately, overcome and resolve it,” Cravens said.

Self-performing major portions of the project, including all drywall, ceilings, specialties and doors, frames and hardware, was a key solution DPR brought to the project. “We were able to set the tone for the speed and pace of the job encouraging the other trade partners with how fast we were going to go, all while still not sacrificing quality or safety,” said McClain. “It was a win-win all the way around.”

DPR was able to leverage a strong relationship they had developed with the local jurisdiction, Pasco County, Florida, to facilitate timely inspections. When presented the challenge of delayed equipment delivery, DPR’s team took a proactive approach with the County, and led a conversation with the AHJ that successfully secured the needed permit approval for the vendor’s delayed paint booth item yet did not impact Touchpoint’s move and occupancy dates.

Finally, they helped TouchPoint Healthcare relocate two active facilities full of heavy-duty production equipment and machinery into the new center within a brief window of time while avoiding any unplanned loss of production or business operations.



Construction of TouchPoint Healthcare’s new global headquarters and manufacturing center completed within budget, 29 days ahead of schedule and with a strong safety record. Owner’s representative Jessi Cravens said DPR’s ongoing interest in learning more about their client’s business, while guiding them from site selection to final permitting and completion, helped drive a successful outcome.

DPR took the time and really cared about who we were, the ultimate end result that we have is even better for it. This facility definitely portrays who we are as a company and who we want to be continuing into in the future.

Jessi Cravens

TouchPoint Medical Representative

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