Pixar Headquarters

Pixar Headquarters | Emeryville, California

When the scope of the Pixar Animation Studios job doubled, it created an ever-moving completion date to accommodate the additional work. DPR never flinched.

Old Techniques

Modern Spin

The two-story steel-frame building, designed by Bohlin Cywinkski & Jackson of Pittsburgh, PA, and built on the site of an old cannery, has the look and feel of warehouses of the 1920s and '30s. Its design and construction draw on techniques and materials reminiscent of that era, featuring an open ceiling with exposed structural steel that was bolted rather than welded, fully exposed mechanical and electrical systems, Italian marble counter tops, German hardware, Italian theater seats and exterior bricks custom-manufactured in an old-style “beehive” kiln.

The Bay Area

Goes Hollywood

Several unique industry-specific features include a photo science darkroom, production areas for regular, as well as animated films, and render farms. The facility also houses offices, a 150-seat theater, two 50-seat screening rooms, and a sound control room and booth.

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