Oceanside Beachfront Resort exterior view, white building.

Oceanside Beachfront Resort – The Seabird + Mission Pacific

Oceanside Beachfront Resort – The Seabird + Mission Pacific | Oceanside, CA

Representing the largest oceanfront hotel development in San Diego County in more than 50 years, together the Mission Pacific Hotel and The Seabird Resort span two city blocks and offer sweeping ocean views.


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Mission Pacific Hotel – North Block

Mission Pacific Hotel is a vibrant beachfront sanctuary featuring 161 guest rooms and suites — most with private, ocean-facing balconies. Hotel amenities include a ground-level restaurant, coffee house, café and market, and an 11,000-sq.-ft. indoor-outdoor rooftop pool and bar, fitness center and more than 3,000-sq.-ft. of street front retail. The 131,000-sq.-ft. property also has a lounge with fireplace, an outdoor patio with fire pits, a courtyard and a public garden.

Additionally, the boutique hotel features the historic Graves House, a local icon commonly known as the “Top Gun” house due to its appearance in the popular movie from the 1980s.

The Seabird Resort– South Block

The Seabird Resort features 226 guest rooms and suites, most with full or partial views of the ocean. The 192,000-sq.ft. property also includes a restaurant, an indoor-outdoor bar lounge, a luxury spa, library, and an elevated 9,000-sq.-ft. pool deck and extensive indoor-outdoor meeting and event space, including a poolside living room and terrace.

The surface parking displaced by the development incorporated the two-story underground parking garage that spanned the two blocks. Mission Avenue was closed between the two blocks to allow for the garage and is replaced with an updated pedestrian-friendly streetscape. The development is part of Oceanside’s Nine-Block Master Plan designed to accelerate the city’s renewal and help catalyze Oceanside’s rapid transformation into a thriving hub of active recreation, cuisine and culture.



The Mission Pacific Hotel and Seabird Resort are adjacent boutique-style properties located on 700 feet of beachfront at the base of the historic Oceanside Pier. From a construction perspective, the biggest challenge was the urban setting; the two major hotels are in the middle of an active downtown area in a bustling Oceanside commercial district. The project required the excavation of two full city blocks, leaving no laydown area. Careful planning and scheduling were crucial for the project in a highly trafficked pedestrian destination.



To minimize disruption to surrounding residences and businesses throughout construction, the project team developed a community newsletter and conducted in-person outreach and presentations. Based on feedback from students and staff at the nearby high school, the trucking route was modified to be out of the direct vicinity of the school and address safety concerns. The public was also provided an email and phone number to contact the project team directly. Constant communication with the surrounding community made this project a success.

The historic Graves house, a Victorian-style cottage made famous by the 1980s Hollywood blockbuster, “Top Gun,” was carefully relocated and renovated as part of the hotel project. In addition to structural improvements, the 140-year-old cottage was restored with detailed replicas of the original ornamental woodwork and moved to the courtyard of the Mission Pacific hotel. The house is now home to an Americana-inspired pie shop.

The Seabird Resort

Mission Pacific Hotel