Internal view of Nuro headquarters which include open plan of meeting spaces and lounge spaces.

Nuro AI

Nuro AI | Mountain View, CA

Nuro is changing the daily lives of people by delivering safer streets and more upright access to goods. DPR assisted Nuro in building a new cutting edge 163,500-sq.-ft. headquarters space in Mountain View, California. This project included a 3-building complex to house their employees and autonomous robots. With its unique architectural design and purpose, this new space is incredibly special to Nuro and is now the new home for over 1,100 of their employees and 75 robots.


  • Client Nuro AI


This is DPR's 5th project awarded by Nuro. However, this project was very different than the others and required a specific set of skills in addition to understanding the goal and mission of Nuro. Together, DPR Construction and Nuro worked proactively on designing and building a space tailored to the advanced technology needs of Nuro and the work of all its employees. The project included offices, collaboration, commons cafe, and amenity spaces.

Nuro testing facilities will include radar labs, camera lab, lidar lab, electronics lab, and battery labs. Exterior improvements include landscaping, minor building façade upgrades, and large exterior / interior testing drive courses for the autonomous robots.

Nuro's unique and modern exterior building design
Modern open layout area for meetings and team collaboration
Large state-of-the-art conference room
Open concept kitchen area that encourages conversations and staff bonding.
Collaborative designed workspaces the enforces teamwork and partnership.
Contemporary design of the interior structure of Nuro's office and lounge spaces


I love how DPR specifically is leveraging robotics for site layout. I think that's cutting edge. I think that's next level. I also think that level of technology integration has the opportunity to increase speed and delivery while adding confidence in the early stages of construction to limit layout, rework, and future conflict.

Tim Bergen

Head of Real Estate & Workplace, Nuro AI


Navigating Local Approvals

Being its new headquarters, Nuro AI and the design team had a grand vision for this project. However, due to overlapping Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and California’s rigorous building codes, the project encountered permit delays of 2-4 months.


Proactive & Collaborative Approach

DPR leveraged our extensive knowledge of building in California, specifically Mountain View. DPR led the proactive and collaborative effort to aid Nuro AI and the design team in obtaining the necessary permits to complete the project on time. This collaborative approach allowed the team to pivot and successfully complete Nuro AI's new modern headquarters. Despite the permitting delays, the project was completed on schedule and met all the necessary building regulations for California.

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