MSPCA-Angell CT Renovation and Installation

MSPCA-Angell CT Renovation and Installation | Waltham, MA

The 300-sq.-ft. MSPCA CT renovation and install project was DPR's fourth project with the MSPCA and its first at their Waltham facility.




The renovation began with the demolition of an existing conference room to convert to the new CT room. DPR installed energy-efficient HVAC work including a split system with ceiling cassette, roof penetrations, and medical gases including oxygen and vacuum. For installation of a new sink, DPR scanned the existing floor to find and tie into the existing plumbing.


Without Disrupting

The facility remained occupied with an active emergency OR on one side and a dog training room on the other. All noisy and disruptive work was restricted to before 8:00 a.m. to minimize disruption to the healing animals. The roof provided some extra challenges as it is covered in solar panels. The team found a path for the new system that did not disrupt the functions of the solar panels.



DPR self-performed the framing, drywall (both standard and lead-backed), taping, installation of the acoustical ceiling system, and installation of the doors/frames/hardware. These were critical items to finish on a fast-paced schedule to support the MSPCA's installation plans of a new CT in another facility.

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