building exterior

Mills College Graduate School of Business

Mills College Graduate School of Business | Oakland, CA

Encompassing the best of contemporary architecture and educational technology, this 28,000-sq.-ft., two-story steel-frame academic building is centrally located on the main entryway to campus and reflects the vision and vitality of an institution focusing on the future.



The Graduate School of Business features wide covered porches across the building’s front and sides, extending collaboration and community from the interior. Two lecture halls with tiered seating for 50 students and four classrooms for 25 to 40 students provide space for an expanding enrollment, while breakout rooms and a student lounge support focused teamwork and informal group discussion. The centerpiece of the building is a spectacular Gathering Hall, flanked by an exterior terrace and iris pond.

The building incorporates an array of multimedia technology such as videoconferencing, podcasting, wired and wireless areas in “smart” classrooms and a state-of-the-art computer laboratory, all of which facilitate internet access and information-sharing locally, regionally and globally.

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