Exterior building and courtyard rendering.

Mayo Clinic Integrated Education and Research Building

Mayo Clinic Integrated Education and Research Building | Phoenix, AZ

The Integrated Education and Research Building (IERB) at Mayo Clinic's Phoenix Campus represents the future of medical research and training. The new building will bring together students, educators, scientists, and physicians in a state-of-the-art environment that features medical school classrooms, cadaver instructional lab and simulation rooms, wet and dry research labs, and administrative offices.

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Totaling 150,000 sq. ft., the facility consists of a north and south block linked together with a connecting bridge. Its design allows for collaboration and flexibility, featuring spaces that can be shared by both the research and education groups. Between the two blocks is a large shaded outdoor courtyard and terrace, which will function as interaction and event spaces. The IERB also sits next-door to the Arizona State University Health Futures Building, adding to a growing campus community that fosters cross-discipline connections.

Two workers on a jobsite with prefabricated stairs.


Mayo Clinic needed a solution for stairs, particularly exterior stairs exposed to the elements, that would provide the most durability and least long-term maintenance. They also wanted a clean, sleek finish to complement the IERB’s design aesthetic. However, using cast-in-place concrete over conventional steel stair systems would add cost and time for rental, construction, and deconstruction of temporary stairs.

A team of workers on a jobsite with prefabricated stairs.


Analyzing costs with the concrete design-assist partner, the team determined that Redistair® precast concrete stairs would be the ideal system, avoiding much of the costs and time associated with cast-in-place stairs. By going with the less conventional option in precast, the team found an affordable way to balance both form and function and ensure this feature will last well into the future.

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