A view into a building's service yard featuring intricate complicated piping.

Magic Technologies High Tech Manufacturing Facility

Magic Technologies High Tech Manufacturing Facility | Milpitas, California

For Milpitas-based Magic Technologies, a new start-up arm of TDK subsidiary Headway Technologies, both speed and quality were critical to the super fast-track completion of a Class 1 cleanroom and office building project, enabling the company to be the first in the market to deliver a device offering a brand new magnetic RAM chip technology.

Project Scope

DPR likely set a record by completing the 108,000-sq.-ft. project, which normally would have taken approximately 10 months, in only four-and-a-half months—and coming in two weeks early. The project entailed the renovation of former office space into a 22,000-sq.-ft. Class 1 cleanroom along with associated support facilities, offices and infrastructure.

Converting what had previously been simple office space into a high-tech manufacturing facility offered a unique challenge. The project required:

  • Designing and building in structural upgrades, including a steel mezzanine level to support all the mechanical equipment for the cleanroom
  • Incorporating special scrubber exhaust systems
  • Adding 47 recirculating air handler units for the cleanroom, which were installed into the ceiling space directly above it
  • Building a new equipment yard for the chillers, towers and boilers, along with a 20-ft. deep acid waste neutralization pit
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