Human Longevity Health Nucleus MRI machine.

Human Longevity Health Nucleus

Human Longevity Health Nucleus | San Diego, CA

The Human Longevity Health Nucleus project was a high-end interior clinic renovation for the private healthcare provider. Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) is a genomics and cell therapy company focused on extending the healthy, high-performance human lifespan. This is its first Health Hub, a free-standing health center designed to provide genomic-enhancing longevity care to individuals.

Fast Track


The duration of this 10,000-sq.-ft. fast track tenant improvement took place in a fully operating occupied facility and was carried out by DPR's Special Services Group. The project scope included millwork demolition and electrical reconfiguration of existing lab for new sequencer equipment, an MRI suite with the most advanced technology and equipment, structural and MEP modifications for MRI equipment vibration sensitivity, exam spaces for EKG, Echo and DEXA scan equipment, and a CT scan suite. Additionally, the scope consisted of a large lounge, guest rooms and research space.

This project was completed in under 4 months.

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