Kaiser Emergency Dept. Renovation & Expansion

Kaiser Emergency Dept. Renovation & Expansion | Harbor City, California

DPR completed the 10,000-sq.-ft. interior renovation and expansion of Kaiser Permanente's emergency department. The project built out the existing labor and delivery department. DPR expanded the existing 3,120-sq.-ft. emergency department by 7,200-sq.-ft. and remodeled the department's waiting room and staff offices. Working in an existing facility while seismically upgrading the existing shear walls and footings was a challenge for this multi-phase project.

Project Scope

Mechanical systems had to be upgraded to handle the increased number of beds for the department. This included adding dedicated exhaust fans, a return air fan for the existing labor and delivery department's air handler, fan coil motors, and replacing the medical air dryer for the entire North hospital. Medical gas shutdowns and tie-ins were successfully accomplished while the facility remained in operation. Kaiser Permanente's standards for using green products for their interior finishes went hand-in-hand with DPR's ever forward desire to utilize sustainable building practices.