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EMC Data Center and Lab

EMC Data Center and Lab | Durham, North Carolina

The RTP2 Data Center and Lab project represented a significant step for DPR in the Research Triangle Park constructing Advanced Technology projects. The project consisted of constructing a new data center, IT lab and necessary support spaces within an existing 450,000-sq.-ft. tilt-wall warehouse originally built in 1995 for IBM as a manufacturing facility. The build-out took place in the center third of the building, or over roughly 150,000-sq.-ft. Another phase consisted of a Tier III 20,000-sq.-ft. data center paired with a 60,000-sq.-ft. lab.


Project Scope

The 120-watt per sq.-ft. data center and 120-watt per sq.-ft. lab are supported by a 10 MW electrical service distributed through 10 substations. To keep this critical facility powered, three new 2 megawatt generators and two sets of three 675 kilowatt UPS modules will always ensure the RTP2 a lifeline.

EMC Data Center and Lab equipment
EMC Data Center and Lab equipment
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