The ECSU School of Education and Psychology is a 3-story, 60,000-sq.-ft. higher education facility.  DPR worked in conjunction with the University and the design team to deliver the maximum amount of facility despite a 7% budget cut handed down by the state due to the challenging economic climate.  To do this, DPR found new and innovative ways to have the project purchased in phases so that it started on time and capitalized on earlier, lower construction costs. DPR also exceeded the HUB participation goal by attaining 19.2% HUB subcontractor participation. 

The building consists of approximately 1/2 classrooms and 1/2 faculty and staff office space. Classrooms feature state of the art audio visual technology for distance learning classes. The building’s skin is comprised of two tone brick work, glass curtainwall and sunshades, and the design reflects the surrounding campus facilities as well as the landscape surrounding campus.  The final GMP, post-bid, came in under the original budgeted amount.  The owner elected to add additional audio-visual scope into the project using the savings and supplemented the additional scope with additional owner contingency funds.

BIM Features

The design team modeled the building using today’s BIM software tools.  DPR took advantage of this by using Innovaya estimating software to extract quantities directly from the models for quicker and more efficient estimating and budgeting.  This allowed the entire team to make quick and effective decisions concerning the design through the preconstruction process.

Green Features

As part of the new North Carolina senate bill mandating energy efficient facilities, the new School of Education and Psychology was designed to be 30% more efficient than the ASHRAE 90.1 standard. To accomplish this, the building HVAC system utilizes a geothermal ground loop as well as a high efficiency multi stage chiller.  The project is currently applying for LEED® Silver certification.

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