Interior forensic science lab.

Virginia Department of Forensic Science/Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Virginia Department of Forensic Science / Office of the Chief Medical Examiner | Manassas, Virginia

This facility consists of a single 106,000-sq.-ft. building located on 10-acres of land in Prince William County, VA. The facility is shared by the Department of Forensic Science and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The building includes two separate environmentsa two story, 60,000-sq.-ft. forensic science wing and a single story, 26,000- sq.-ft. medical examiner wing. Also included is 20,000 sq. ft. of shared space.

Two Separate


The Department of Forensic Science provides technical assistance and training, evaluates and analyzes evidence, interprets results and provides expert testimony related to the full spectrum of physical evidence recovered from crime scenes. Their wing includes a firearms laboratory with firing range and laboratories for vehicle inspection, biology/DNA, prints, toxicology and controlled substances.

The Office of Chief Medical Examiner conducts a medical legal death investigation, serving as the principal case investigator in their locality for deaths falling within their jurisdiction and statutory authority. The wing includes a main autopsy room, body storage coolers/freezers, and BSL-3 operating room.

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