Digital Realty 1100 Space Park Data Center, 3rd Floor

Digital Realty 1100 Space Park Data Center, 3rd Floor | Santa Clara, California

Digital Realty relied on DPR to design/build this 40,000-sq.-ft., raised-floor data center and 20,000-sq.-ft. support space with rooftop cooling system. This included complete program, basis of design, schematic design and permit documents.

Project Scope

Brought into the process early on, DPR provided procurement and estimating services to develop the project budget and led the competitive bidding process for all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil, structural and architectural trades. DPR also acted as the project liaison with the City of Santa Clara Planning, Building, Public Works, Fire and Electrical departments.

While there were multiple players on the design/build team, DPR provided Digital Realty a single source of accountability for the project design, schedule and budget. From the beginning, DPR set about building a cohesive team and obtaining buy-in from all its members. Pre-planning efforts on every aspect of the project, from initial design and estimate to scheduling tasks and phasing subcontractors, ensured that there was sufficient time to deal with any hiccups that might arise during startup. The result? Timely delivery of the project, zero safety incidents, and no disruptions to existing tenants.

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