The outpatient suites at Carroll Hospital provide a variety of medical services to the surrounding community with a focus on quality treatment, education and support. Located above an operating cancer center, this project relocated the existing outpatient wing of the Carroll Hospital Center including the cardiac rehabilitation area, wound care facility, anti-coagulation clinic, hyperbaric chambers area, locker room, staff rooms and nurse navigator’s suite.

Due to the complexities of working within an occupied, active environment, the project required off-hour work, the protection of the area, installation of temporary ceilings and walls, frequent cleaning of the corridor, removal of all art and the use of sticky mats, walk-off mats and HEPA fans to help mitigate the transfer of dust. The scope of the project required an abundance of ceiling piping (sanitary, water, and med-gas) work in the occupied areas below the renovation which was completed during off-hours with care not to disturb the occupied areas. The med-gas system was routed through a completely different area in the hospital, which was the congested main corridor. The debris was carefully removed via covered carts down a single elevator through a backhouse corridor and out to a dumpster. The route had to be kept clean and the exterior door could never be propped open to maintain security, which both required additional manpower.

 During construction, the owner transferred the responsibility of rigging the two hyperbaric chambers to DPR. The team worked with all trades to successfully coordinate the installation, which occurred just four days prior to going live. The installation involved opening the side of the building on the second floor and rigging them into the building, supporting the vendor installation team, closing the access hole in the side of the building and repairing all finishes that were affected during the installation. DPR worked closely with the hospital staff that surrounded the work area to communicate what was going to be happening that may be a disruptive activity.  The team developed a good relationship with the staff, reducing complaints and work stoppages. 

During this project DPR overcame many challenges with little to no disruption to the hospital and maintained a great relationship with the hospital staff. 


  • ABC Baltimore Excellence in Construction Award (2017)

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