DPR Hardin was selected simultaneously with the architect to help the owner achieve a "blast-track" schedule to accommodate Capital One's explosive growth. From selection of design and construction teams to owner move-in, only eight months elapsed. Construction was accomplished in only five months, including 45 days for permitting. 

Phase I of Capital One's build-to-suit campus began as a 25-acre greenfield site.  The site development encompassed two lakes, lush landscaping, extensive hardscape and site utilities, all built while maintaining the integrity of approximately 20 acres of wetlands, and wetlands mitigation. The three-story, 110,000-sq.-ft. building is a state-of-the-art data/call center which required flexibility in both systems and approach to meet the aggressive schedule. Project highlights included a 100% raised floor, 2x redundant electrical and mechanical systems, 24/7 occupancy requirements, high-quality employee amenities, and an adjacent, easily-accessible parking deck accommodating 794 cars.

Also a "blast-track" schedule, Phase II of the development was a 110,000-sq.-ft. mirror image of the Phase I building and included construction of additional parking for 589 cars. A fifth level (78,400 sq. ft. / 276 spaces) was added to the existing parking deck while maintaining employee use of the existing deck.  A separate, lateral deck expansion added 108,000 sq. ft. for 313 additional cars.

Within the next Phase III, DPR Hardin built the three-story, 118,625-sq.-ft. Community Center which includes a fully equipped, multi-stationed training center, exercise rooms, basketball courts, the human resources department, cafeteria, multi-media breakrooms, resource center, and other employee benefit areas.  The Community Center is positioned adjacent to a wetlands area that has been transformed into a nature center with trails, raised walkways, and a sanctuary setting. Phase III also included a 144,500-sq.-ft. office building, similar to previous buildings on-site, along with the second parking deck totaling 411,000 sq. ft.  Other site amenities including a sports complex with softball fields, tennis courts and a jogging track were also constructed.

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