For over 75 years, Broward Health has been providing health care services to patients in the area and is still among the 10 largest health systems in the country. This expansion project for Coral Springs Medical Center will increase bed capacity from 196 to 250. The tower addition will be a four-story, 130,000-sq.-ft. horizontal expansion, which will house the Mother/Baby program, medical/surgical patient rooms, and new entrances for the hospital.

The existing area now occupied by the lobby and gift shop will become the connector to the vertical circulation core. In the interim, this area will be used as a temporary lobby, with a temporary drop-off canopy, allowing for the construction area to be isolated from the public. The first floor will house the maternity suite, with 10 labor and delivery rooms, a triage area, PACU and C-section rooms with the appropriate support areas. A new elevator core will be added to connect the first floor to the upper floors, specifically providing a direct connection between the maternity suite and the neo-natal unit.

The second floor will be occupied by the relocated NICU and 28 new private post-partum rooms. The area closest to the existing hospital will have the new 10-bed NICU, with approximately half of the stations being private and the others being open bays. The other half of the floor will be occupied by the post-partum rooms, configured in a racetrack layout with the rooms around the perimeter and support services at the center.

The third floor will have the new medical/surgical wing with 28 new patient rooms, and the fourth floor is to be shelled, with all the utilities in place for future development as a patient floor.

Upgrades will be made to the campus' central energy plant including the replacement of several generators and a chiller replacement. The project will be AHCA Inspected.

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