Biogen outdoor infrastructure upgrade view

Biogen RTP Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

Biogen RTP Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade | Research Triangle Park, NC

Critical electrical infrastructure upgrade to provide the Owner with electrical capacity and “2N” redundancy. The project consisted of constructing a new three-story electrical building to house the new electrical equipment. A new 15kVA substation supplies the redundant feeds to the new electrical building. Power is then distributed back out to the multitude of office and manufacturing buildings throughout the campus via new and existing utility pipe racks. Each building’s substation was re-fed to the new electrical system. For the new and old equipment to talk, a custom automation integration of the switchgear controls to the existing SCADA system was supplied to reduce the overlap with existing facility control equipment. All work was completed without any unplanned outages to office space and manufacturing.



Additionally, two new 2MW diesel generators supply the required redundancy along with upgrades to the existing generator's head-end controls to work with the new equipment.

Major equipment/ utilities consist of a new 15kVA substation, 5kV paralleling switchgear, 2MW diesel generators, custom automation integration, over 5.25 miles of medium voltage cabling, over 6.5 miles of duct bank conduit, and over 1,000 feet of utility pipe rack.