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Waltham Lab & Office Fit-up

Azenta Life Sciences Lab & Office Fit-up | Waltham, MA

The new fit-up project for Azenta Life Sciences converted an existing office space located within an occupied facility into a new R&D and Genomics Services facility. This newly fitted-up space provided Azenta with expanded room to relocate their operations from Cambridge to Waltham in support of their growth needs. Two spaces located across the hall from one another were taken over in the new building with one side housing the administrative office side of operations while the other houses the laboratory spaces. The office space also includes conference rooms, kitchen, and seating areas.


  • Client Azenta Life Sciences
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Prior to construction, the two spaces within the building were completely gutted. On the laboratory side, slab cuts were made for the new underground utilities necessary to support the new laboratory spaces. In additional support of the new laboratory spaces, two new dedicated air handler units (AHUs) and generator were installed ensuring continuous operation for ongoing research.

Laser Scanning


In order to convert this existing facility originally designed for office use to a new lab facility, DPR began by laser scanning the existing spaces. The scan output was then loaded into the model to evaluate the accuracy of the design inputs. This helped to identify locations for the new dedicated AHUs and location of MEP infrastructure around the existing sprinklers that were to remain in the space and new ceiling utility panels. Due to the limited space between the ceiling and joists, this effort included identifying locations where the new much larger duct had to be resized to make room for the sprinkler heads that had to go below the duct. The Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) efforts at the beginning of the project also helped the team to note early RFIs in the drawings that were resolved prior to any construction taking place onsite.

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