ATCC BSL lab hood and work space.

ATCC BSL-3 Laboratory Renovation

ATCC BSL-3 Laboratory Renovation | Manassas, VA

DPR performed demolition and a complete renovation of the existing BSL-2 and BSL-3 labs on the first level of ATCC’s laboratory wing. The new BSL-3 laboratory includes virology, molecular, mycology and bacteriology labs, with an autoclave and new biosafety cabinets and fume hoods. The new AHUs, HEPA filtration units and Strobic exhaust fans and associated screen walls were put on the roof to service the new BSL-3 lab. DPR's SPW group completed the drywall, framing, concrete trench infill, doors, frames and hardware, and toilet accessory installation scopes.


A Collaborative


Through a collaborative process, the project team was able to solve several problems that arose in the field. Access to the ceiling was not as easy as anticipated since there were not enough access panels shown in the project drawings, and the installation of the roof screen supports impacted the lab below. To overcome the lab impacts, the team held weekly meetings with the lab staff prior to putting the work in place and were able to complete the work without interrupting the lab operations.

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