Interior hallway with windows.

Arizona State University Polytechnic Academic Buildings

Arizona State University Polytechnic Academic Buildings | Mesa, Arizona

This fast-track, 255,000-sq.-ft. three-building campus houses 14 teaching laboratories, 44 academic classrooms, 273 faculty offices and related ancillary space required for the growth of four distinct, but interrelated, academic colleges: College of Social Sciences & Humanities, Morrison School of Management & Agribusiness, School of Educational Innovation & Teacher Preparation and College of Science & Technology. Additionally, the campus includes a 7,500-sq.-ft. remotely located facility for storage and handling of hazardous waste.


The Way

The buildings achieved LEED Gold for New Construction.

Sustainable features of the buildings include $3.5 million of dual-pane, low-E exterior glass, which provides natural daylighting and views, and perforated metal screens that shade the buildings. Approximately 50 percent of the complex’s hardscape is stabilized decomposed granite, chosen to reduce the “heat island” effect, and a large retaining wall was made of recycled concrete. DPR also demolished, crushed on-site and reused 4,400 tons of asphalt and concrete for the sub-base of the fire access loop road. In fact, about 90 percent of the site’s waste was either reused on-site or diverted from landfills.

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