Exterior rendering of 405 Broadway

Building on one of America's most iconic streets

Big Plan Holdings | 405 Broadway | Nashville, TN

The five-story, 35,000-sq.-ft. ground-up building will house a honky tonk with two outdoor rooftop decks, multiple stages and a full commercial kitchen. Located on Lower Broad in the heart of Nashville’s Broadway Historic District, this building must seamlessly blend into the iconic streetscape. This requires DPR to construct the building directly against the public sidewalk on both 4th Avenue and Broadway and within inches of three historic buildings.




With less than a foot of clearance between the new structure and the surrounding historic buildings, installing exterior panels in a traditional manner with a tower crane and trade partners completing the work from outside of the building was not feasible on this project. The skin will be built of prefabricated panels installed with an Upbrella track system. This system eliminates the need for a tower crane and doesn't require swinging any materials or equipment above the adjacent historic buildings. The system uses a bridge crane suspended from the outside of the new structure and a monorail with trolley cranes that circles the perimeter of the new building. The bridge crane will lift panels off of the delivery trucks, picked up by one of the trolley cranes and transported with the monorail to its correct location on the building. Once at the correct location, the trolley crane will lower it into place and DPR's self perform team will secure the panel to the floor deck from inside of the building. It is the first time this system has been used in the United States.

The project team is coordinating construction and deliveries to accommodate the needs of one of the nation's most recognizable tourist destinations. With approximately 16,000 pedestrians on Broadway every single day and the honky tonks operational from 10 am until 3 am, public safety was paramount. Our team is using extensive wayfinding on the public pathways for both pedestrians and vehicles. We also have to coordinate around public events, including numerous large concerts, NHL games, Rock N Roll Marathon and an IndyCar race.

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