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Great Things: Issue 4

By the Numbers


Self-perform worker hours in 2020


Projects awarded in 2020


Average contract value in 2020


Projects under $100k awarded in 2020

It feels great to embrace a new year, reflect upon the past, and imagine the possibilities that lie ahead. As events of 2020 underscored, we are resilient and capable of much more than we may think—especially when we all work together and support each other. DPR is on a mission to be a most admired company by the year 2030. What does it mean to be most admired? It means:

  • Having progressive and influential people practices. As Doug Woods said when DPR was founded in 1990, “To take care of our customers, we need great people who are happy, willing to work hard and do what it takes to get the job done. It’s about continuously being the best and taking care of people.”
  • Driving quality and innovation to transform the industry. We are integrating the project lifecycle and focusing on data, virtual design and construction, self-perform work and prefabrication to deliver more predictable outcomes.
  • Creating a positive and consistent brand image. Integrity is everything. Our brand image is our promise to our employees and customers.
  • Being aggressive and smart. We lean in to come up with unique solutions to complex challenges. We want to operate with a builder mindset and technical skill set to deliver great results every time.
  • Being integral and indispensable to our communities. It is about being a strong global citizen who develops a sense of belonging, environmental stewardship and community engagement to make a distinct impact.
  • Producing truly great results and financial returns. If we stick to who we are and what we believe, the results we achieve fuel our ability to build great things and help our customers change the world.

Thank you for being part of the journey thus far. We hope this issue of Great Things sparks the same passion to keep moving

Ever Forward.

DPR Management Committee

Atul, Dave, George, Greg, Jody, Mark, Matt, Michele, Mike

Editor's Note: Some of the images in this issue were taken prior to COVID-19 protocols.

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