What’s the Word? Great Things Coming Up in 2021

This article is included in the Great Things: Issue 4 edition of the DPR Newsletter.

A new year ushers in new beginnings. Some of DPR’s newly transitioned employees shared what they’re most looking forward to in 2021:

A graphic that says: What's the Word? DPR asks newly-transitioned employees what they most look forward to in 2021

Starting each year is reinvigorating and 2021 feels even more refreshing knowing the character, commitment and collaboration our team has shown in the previous year. This year, we are continuing work with long-standing customers and beginning work with some of our newest. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to deliver with the best builders at the bottom of the peninsula!

– Adrian Barrios, South Florida Business Unit

I am most looking forward to continuing to grow the builder mindset and skill set within all people at DPR in 2021. This includes providing new learning and development opportunities to our craft teammates, which are going to be awesome!

– Angie Weyant, Craft People Practices

I’m excited about the launch of DPR’s new collaborative learning experience platform, DPR Learning. This will provide competency-based training on-demand and on the job based on an individual’s role and goals, including more consistent and accessible training for craft teammates. It also enables us to scale training infrastructure in support of the broader DPR family of companies, as well as external project team members, suppliers and the communities we serve.

– Kristi Conlon, Learning and Development

I am looking forward to so many things, and hopefully we get them: vaccines for COVID, reduced virtual meetings, returning to reasonable travel, socializing and connecting more with family, friends and work family across DPR. For DPR, I am looking forward to continued emphasis on getting everyone home safely—by keeping a safe mindset; engagement at a personal level with our builders; planning for all possible outcomes so that DPR projects are the safest in the industry; and learning as we go so that we have continual improvement as we to build great things.

– Michelle Gray, Environmental Health and Safety

We’re breaking ground for our new Raleigh-Durham office and I’m looking forward to working with our teams to leverage the new space and transform our capabilities in self-perform, prefabrication and collaboration.

– Shawn Pepple, Raleigh-Durham Business Unit

I look forward to being able to shake the hands of our self-perform craftworkers, who continue to show us that we are builders at our core. I have immense gratitude for their continued efforts during the pandemic, and we owe them our heartfelt thanks.

– Stephen Terni, Quality