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Market Conditions Report Q2 2021

This article is included in the Great Things: Issue 5 edition of the DPR Newsletter.


As predicted in Q3 2020, it is clear that the building industry has looked to seize the opportunity to initiate new projects, taking advantage of the dip in the marketplace over the last year. We’ve seen the pendulum now swing back to a flooded market, full of opportunities, and now we are faced with material and labor challenges yet again. It’s a basic supply and demand conversation.

New projects and new demands have created an increased focus on supply chain management and forecasting, highlighted in our Q2 2021 Market Conditions report.

We are looking towards the future and working with our teams to accurately predict where a project’s risk lies and developing plans to avoid disruption. We encourage you to take these insights and data in this report and discuss potential challenges to your project with both your team and customers.

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