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Market Conditions Report Q3/Q4 2021


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Nine months into 2021, it is apparent that building projects are continuing to start, but there are some clear challenges facing the industry in the need to move quickly and what the trades can support to maintain the pace. Across the U.S., supply chain challenges and labor force shortages, are creating numerous impacts. We are proactively developing strategies to mitigate disruptions and manage to the plan.

As we push to be scientific in our approach to forecasting and procurement, it is important that project teams develop a solid approach and sense of allegiance to the project’s target, while remaining focused on planning it right.

In our Q3/Q4 2021 Market Conditions report, we have taken a regional focus across the United States. It’s interesting to look at the construction market through multiple lenses, and we hope that this report serves as a springboard for further discussions and decisions on your upcoming projects.

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