What's the Word? Favorite Summer Memories

This article is included in the Great Things: Issue 5 edition of the DPR Newsletter.

Warm weather, long days, pool-side lounging, BBQs … some of our favorite memories are born from the carefree days of summer. We asked employees across DPR to share some of their favorite summer memories.

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Summertime brings longer, more relaxed days. There’s no school and abundant day light. This means more time on the back porch with family and friends enjoying a simple meal from the grill. In Texas, you also have to keep the mosquito spray handy … but it’s all worth it. Summer is also when we take our annual family trip to the beach. Watching the sun disappear into the Pacific Ocean never gets old.

- Angela Floyd, Finance

“My favorite summer memory when I was growing up in Chicago was when the weather would be warm enough to start heading out to the beach or spending time with friends and family at a pool somewhere! As I have gotten older and moved to San Diego the lack of a winter has made me appreciate the longer days, more sunshine and our kids being out of school for a few months.”

- Brian Gracz, Southwest Region

“My favorite summertime memory is the peaceful beginning of a long summer day that might end with a glimpse of a beautiful sunset witnessed from one of our impressive jobsite rooftops. I enjoy starting my day at a jobsite when I can listen to the goings about the complexities of the building. I cherish the moments when I can share time with a colleague over a cup of coffee. I am energized by collaborating on complex problems that might be solved with technology. My favorite memory about summer is having a few more minutes in the day to spend fueling my passion for building.”

- Kim Bates, Technology and Innovation

“Growing up, I loved summer breaks especially when my cousins would visit and have sleepovers. Every day, we would play street-soccer and buy treats from the ice cream truck—this was epic! As an adult, my favorite summer memory is grounded on the first solo trip I took to Portugal several years ago. This trip launched my solo travel career.”

- Moawia Abdelkarim, Operations

“We have been going to San Diego as a family for a while—the time playing volleyball, surfing, swimming, grilling dinner are fun memories, but sitting on the beach at sunset and seeing the looks on my kids’ faces, just taking in the majesty and beauty of the moment is something I love to reflect on as well as look forward to.”

- Nathan Lentz, Special Services Group

Summer times back when I was a kid was a foundation for my lifestyle today. My dad would take us camping. We would hike to the middle of the wilderness—no cars, no facilities. Just us and nature. How we packed, ate and cleaned left an impression on me and how to respect Mother Nature, and the powers of our environment by just being out there.

- Rishard Bitbaba, Operations