On DPR's 31st Birthday, Saluting People Who Build Great Things

When someone encounters DPR Construction for the first time, the first question is often “What do you build?” DPR likes to focus on “Who are the people building great things at DPR?” Most people experience construction from a distance. It’s easy to see the steel, the concrete, the cranes and the equipment. It’s the people behind all that that make it happen.

As DPR marks its 31st birthday, we marvel at our teams from our job sites to our (home) offices, who over the past year have been making amazing things happen even under circumstances unlike any other in the company’s history. DPR's 30th year was supposed to be a year-long celebration. The world had different ideas, but with great respect and compassion for each other, and a shared belief in our ability to make meaningful and lasting difference, DPR employees continue to help secure a future full of celebrations to come.

Together with customers and partners—who are literally changing the world through their work—DPR carries the legacy and vision of its founders forward. That means when celebrating DPR’s milestones, we’re really celebrating the people that have made it happen. It’s DPR's birthday, but it’s the people who brought us here and will take us further that we celebrate.