The Power of Community Partnership

For 25 years, Future for Kids (FFK), a long-time partner in DPR’s community initiatives in Phoenix, has annually supported 450 at-risk youths through mentoring, leadership development, sports camps and summer programs. However, in late 2015 the nonprofit’s future was cast into uncertainty when FFK received word that the building housing their offices had been sold and they had two months to relocate.

A loss of office space can be crippling to any organization, but for a nonprofit with a tight budget, it can mean an interruption of service to the vulnerable clients who depend on their services.

Fortunately, because of a generous offer of new office space from a community-minded developer and a rapid-fire tenant improvement from DPR, FFK completely moved into its new space without missing a day of service to its clients. Donations of time and materials from DPR volunteers and the subcontractor community brought the estimated $50,000 remodel and relocation to just $8,000 out-of-pocket for FFK.

According to FFK’s Executive Director Madonna Bistany, the project exemplifies the strong partnership that FFK and DPR have cultivated over the years—one that has been integral to their success.

“DPR Construction has stood alongside Future for Kids for over six years, strengthening our work with youth in the community,” she commented. “Having the support of a strong company like DPR allows FFK to focus on the important work of our mission. That is truly the power of well-established, philanthropic corporate relationships.”

Though most of DPR’s workforce was committed on other projects, several self-perform crews arrived on the project’s kick-off day after having already worked their full regular shifts. Teams went to work installing drywall in the FFK space and returned the next day to continue the work. By the end of the project, DPR self-perform crews had logged nearly 100 volunteer hours.

“The support was a godsend to FFK,” said Bistany. “Our organization runs nine outreach programs each week serving 450 youths and three large-scale camps around the Phoenix area. Having to move was a scary and complicated process. After sharing the location opportunity along with its challenges with our Board Chair, Tim Hyde, he immediately had the vision and know-how to make something from nothing.”

For the past six years, DPR and its Phoenix region employees have invested substantial resources and volunteer hours in support of FFK, a community service organization serving local at-risk youth. In addition to over $300,000 in financial support in the past three years alone, DPR employees logged nearly 1,900 volunteer hours from 2013-2015 helping with FFK fundraising events, sports camps, its School of Construction and much more.

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