Safety Stand-Downs Refresh Employees after the Holidays

After being away from work for vacation or a holiday, it might take some time to regain focus on the job at hand. But in construction, every person is responsible for being alert and creating a safe work environment the minute they step onto the jobsite. That’s why project teams are using safety stand-downs post-holidays to refresh the idea that safety is not only a priority, but a value as well.

This past Memorial Day marked the second holiday safety stand-down for DPR's Mid-Atlantic region. The Tuesday after the holiday, project superintendents, field employees and subcontractors came together to discuss the importance of getting everyone back into work focused on safety, pre-task-plans and looking out for one another. The region’s first stand-down was held following the 4th of July.

As a part of the safety stand-downs, each project is expected to hold an all-hands meeting with all of the subcontractors and DPR staff to discuss safety on the job. The superintendents lead the effort, encouraging the subcontractors to get involved and share stories about safety incidents while on vacation. Everyone on the jobsite is asked to get their heads, minds and hearts focused on the tasks at hand and to hold the highest of standards for safety practices.

Our most recent stand-down was held after Labor Day, as superintendents across the Mid-Atlantic region reminded their crew to always put safety first before resuming work on their jobsites.

It’s clear that the DPR's commitment to safety is paying off on local projects such as the Inova Ashburn Healthplex project, which began construction over a year ago.

To see one of DPR's safety stand-downs, watch this video.