25 Days In The Community: DPR Spruces Up UMOM Shelter As Part Of Month-long Campaign

For day five of DPR’s 25th anniversary celebration – 25 Days In The Community - two dozen DPR volunteers gathered at one of Arizona’s largest homeless shelters to contribute their time and skills to make needed repairs.

DPR’s Will Mouser organized the workday that provided improvements to UMOM’s main Phoenix campus. The organization provides safe shelter, meals and support services to over 140 homeless families at their main Phoenix campus.

Photo of volunteer stretch-and-flex courtesy Will Mouser

The volunteer day drew from all ranks of DPR Phoenix region employees, ranging from skilled craftsmen to administrative and project-based staff. Along with a handful of UMOM volunteers, DPR staffers worked hands-on performing repairs and upgrades to three buildings in the housing complex. Work included caulking and weatherproofing doors and windows, painting walls, and installing wall base and corner guards, among other things.

“This project is really about giving back and helping these people have a brighter start so they can get back on their feet,” commented Mouser. “The biggest highlight for me was the chance to use our handyman skills in a different capacity. Many of us are dealing with managing multimillion dollar projects, but we don’t actually get to swing the hammer every day. Here we get to see the fruits of our labor immediately.”

Photo of one of the work areas courtesy Will Mouser

The DPR volunteers were joined by a number of young shelter residents who were eager to help out. “They just wanted to help make the facility nicer and give back, and we welcomed them with open arms,” Mouser said.

The Sept. 12 workday is just the latest example of DPR’s ongoing involvement with the 51-year-old UMOM organization. DPR volunteers also participate in a monthly lunch serve on campus, among other projects.

In celebration of DPR’s 25th anniversary, the company is organizing 25 consecutive days of service in our communities between Tuesday, September 8 and Saturday, October 3. Visit the 25 Days In The Community website for all the details.