It’s a Wrap! 25th Anniversary Recap

As the new year approaches, 2015 comes to an end and so does the celebration of our 25th Anniversary. We are proud of everything we have accomplished since our humble beginnings in 1990 with just 11 employees, to now with 3,000-plus employees who have contributed to our 80 million work hours.

Since our very first project at Argo, we have completed 8,700 projects and counting. These projects give us the opportunity to work with amazing customers who aspire to leave a long-lasting impact on the communities around them. This, we have in common. DPR has supported 25 community organizations with over $4.2 million and countless volunteer hours, because being integral and indispensable to the communities in which we work is ingrained in DPR culture.

Our 25th anniversary has given us a chance to reflect on our history as a construction company and highlight some of the great things that make DPR what it is today. For example:

*This blog post is part of a series that celebrates DPR's silver anniversary and focuses on 25 great things from the company from over 25 years. Here's the last one.