Habitat Open Build Days Offer Raleigh-Durham Employees Chance to Give Back

DPR employees in the Raleigh-Durham, N.C. office have been putting their skills to work in their community through participation in “open build” events sponsored by Habitat for Humanity.

Since January, half a dozen DPR employees have taken part in eight Habitat for Humanity open build events. Working alongside other community members, DPR volunteers have been helping to renovate a pair of 100-plus-year-old residences that will house selected underprivileged families in the region.

De’Lisa Stringer, community initiatives champion for the Raleigh Durham office, forged the local partnership with Habitat for Humanity after recognizing the unique match of DPR’s corporate mission and its employees’ skill sets to Habitat’s goals and needs.

“Habitat was the perfect fit for us to use our skills and resources and to do what we’re good at, while giving back to the local community,” Stringer commented. “We worked with the director of Habitat for Durham County to outline two days a week, every other week, where we could have our volunteers go in, sign up and then just show up to work.

“Everybody that has volunteered has a day job, but they’re all interested in giving back and helping give somebody a home,” Stringer continued. “There is just a great sense of motivation and momentum to have a part in providing shelter for those in need in our community.”

During the typically three-hour build sessions, volunteers have done everything from caulking and painting to helping replace the foundation of one of the homes.

DPR plans to continue the involvement with Habitat well into the future, according to Stringer. They also hope to involve some of the young people DPR has worked with at the local Boys & Girls Club on future Habitat open build days.

“What better way to give back to children – but also for them to pay it forward – than to bring them to homes that we work on (through Habitat) and also have them get their hands dirty?” Stringer added.