DPR Craftsmen Recognized for Commitment to Safety

Building and maintaining a culture of safety takes the effort and commitment of every individual who sets foot on a DPR jobsite.

Just before the holiday, the Mid-Atlantic and Bay Area DPR offices held annual craft holiday luncheons and honored thirty DPR-employed craftsmen with the Troy Metcalfe Safety Award for surpassing 10,000 injury-free work hours. The award was first started in the Bay Area in 1997 and has been rewarding safe work practices among DPR employees ever since.

This marked the first time the Mid-Atlantic region gave out this award, which is named after Troy Metcalfe, the first DPR craftsperson to reach this prestigious goal.

The award was given to the following DPR Mid-Atlantic employees, which covers Richmond, Baltimore and the Washington, D.C. area:

10,000 injury-free work hours
Oscar Claros Amaya
Genry Reyes Alvarez
Eduardo Avila
Jesus Guzman Luna
Ruben Guzman Luna
Jose Miranda
Valdir Orellana
Arthur Payne
Cesar Ortiz Ramirez
Wilbur (Bud) Shoup, Jr.

The award was given to the following DPR Bay Area employees, which covers DPR’s San Francisco, Redwood City and San Jose offices:

10,000 injury-free work hours
Ricardo Fernandez
Francisco Franco
Juan Gonzalez
Manuel Pat Gonzalez
Jose Martinez
Gilberto Orozco
Anthony Pacheco
Antonio Perez
Santos Poblano
Jose Rodriguez
Demetri Williams
Dustin Wynne

20,000 injury-free work hours
Cesar Rodriguez Gonzalez
Leonardo Heredia
Jose Ramos
Pedro Rodriguez
Jose Flores Velasco

30,000 injury-free work hours
David Guereca
George Sweet

40,000 injury-free work hours
Ramon Tapia

Every recipient of this award embodies our dedication to achieving an Injury-Free Environment, a goal DPR has set to ensure that there are zero incidents on every project. To celebrate their hard work and commitment to putting safety first on the jobsite, each recipient was given one week additional paid vacation time and $2,000 in travel expenses.